Do Republican Legislators in Washington Have a Soul?

If the aforementioned paragraph sounds like rant or some sort of whine which comes out of a liberal Democrat who is angry at the Republicans, it’s not. It’s the reflection of an American citizen who feels disgusted by the callousness of “so called” leaders of the Republican Party, someone who feels hopeless because of that but eager nevertheless to help reinstate a sense of humanity in America.

It was never a surprise to any logical individual – except perhaps to people belonging in the Republican Party – that the tax cut GOP Leaders in Washington shamelessly claimed would help the middle class is a giveaway to those who already have plenty: large and successful corporations as well as wealthy individuals. That was not whining of the Democrats; that is not politics.

More than 400 wealthy Americans wrote to Congress urging the GOP NOT to pass the tax cut; although it would benefit us mostly, wrote the 400 signers, such move will hurt the country economically. Here is a case where wealthy individuals – usually the Scrooge – grew a conscience but Republican leaders want to stick it to the working class for reason that boggles the mind

What would you add?

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