Do Republican Legislators in Washington Have a Soul?


Every year, during the holidays, networks such as Lifetime, Hallmark make it a tradition to air flicks of the season. One of all-time favorites is the “Scrooge”, a character notorious (or famous depending on your point of view) for being greedy, inhumane, selfish and wealthy but miserable and lonely. Scrooge would rather see the poor thrown in jail and hungry kids died of starvation (to decrease the surplus of the population, he says) instead of lending a hand to the least fortunate. Sadly, Scrooge is a character not so different from the leaders of the Republican Party, except in one aspect: Scrooge grows a conscience in the end and did the “right thing”. GOP Leaders on the other hand typify Scrooge on steroids deprived of any conscience, selfish, greedy, callous, inhumane, indifferent but worse, they’re unable or unwilling to change their malevolent ways; which naturally triggers the question “Do GOP Leaders have a soul?”


What would you add?

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