The Dumbification of the Republican Party

The question is not whether the aforementioned statement is true but rather to understand why? Examples of ignorance within the Republican Party have piled up to mountain heights. Before we attempt to understand the why, let’s take a look at a couple of examples which quells any doubt.

When the Obama administration introduced the ACA, opponents of the Bill (Republican Legislators in Washington) fought on several fronts but the most memorable argument – meant to scare the elderly – was that Obamacare is considered a death panel. By the time Obama signed the Act, Republicans overwhelmingly believed it was bad for them but most importantly it was a death panel. It is one thing to have a different political view, to dislike or to simply not want a particular policy but it is stark ignorance to believe a “blatantly false lie” propagated by the very leaders (Republican Legislators, Broadcasters) whose job is to educate their constituents so they can make better decisions. Instead, Republican Leaders rely on the gullibility of their constituents to advance their personal agenda. Up until the end of the Obama administration, millions of Republicans still believed that “Obamacare is bad” but the Healthcare Act (which provides coverage for children up to 26 years of age, which protects individuals from being refused coverage because of pre-existing conditions and which removes insurance coverage cap) is good for the working class. Yep! Republican constituents are grossly ignorant, most of them anyway.


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