Republicans In Washington Understand Rich People Need A Better Life too

How does that make sense at all? It doesn’t, and it doesn’t matter. The Republican constituents have made it easy for the GOP Legislators in Washington to pursue their own selfish interests without any concern for the consequences of their actions. GOP Representatives have relied on the naivete and the gullibility of the Republican constituents who continue to vote them in office despite their poor track record of doing anything beneficial for their constituents. Republican voters continue to believe that to vote Republican is a sacred ritual which cannot be broken; despite overwhelming evidence their Representatives do not work on their behalf, they continue to do the same thing over and over again.

In my article The Intelligent Morons, I alluded to the “zombification” of the Republican electorate; college education among the Republican constituents does not seem to make any difference. Republican voters reveal by their actions the behavior of an individual under hypnosis, someone who is aware of what s/he is doing but unable to prevent or stop it otherwise.


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