Republicans In Washington Understand Rich People Need A Better Life too

Despite the great framework they crafted, the framers of the Constitution were wrong in both instances.

  1. The political climate in Washington is at fever pitch highly toxic; it’s dirty; it’s nasty; it’s counter-productive; it’s selfish; it’s unpatriotic; it’s much worse than anything anyone could have imagined. Such political climate renders the idea that the United States is a beacon with a shining light on the hill a joke. The few remaining decent Republican Legislators of the Party either already left or are in the process of leaving public service altogether.
  2. Both Houses’ primary job is to attend to the affairs of The People they represent. Simple enough, right? How would one explain that the proposed tax package Republicans – without a single input from Democrats – are about to pass is opposed by more than 65% of the constituents? How does that make sense to anyone? The body (both Congress & Senate) whose principal task is to do what The People want acts contrarian to The People’s will.

What would you add?

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