The Secret To Saving Roy Moore


Have you ever been in a predicament desperately looking for a way out? Of course you have. Who hasn’t?

It so happens that Roy Moore is exactly in such predicament. Despite the myriad denials and bombastic repudiations of the women who have accused him of sexual misconduct, Mr. Moore is going through an internal struggle a) to abandon the race altogether before the first vote is cast b) to stick it out and continue a losing battle even if he wins the race.

One thing is certain up to this point: Roy Moore (along with the Republican Party) will lose even he wins the Senate race tonight. There is no amount of support, no lengthy pilgrimage to the mountains which can save Mr. Moore from what awaits him down the road. It’s a treacherous path which leads to nowhere.

I am not referring to the Republicans in Washington either; we already know what they stand for, what they will do. They will PRETEND to go through the process of investigating Roy Moore; Moore’ supporters including the talking heads (Sean Hannity, Rush Limbaugh, Anne Coulter, etc.) on TV and radio will raise hell for Washington to leave Roy Moore alone. Donald Trump will come to his rescue and throw his FULL support behind Moore. The Republican Leaders (Mitch McConnell, Paul Ryan) in Washington will back off, case closed, at least as far as removing Moore from the Senate. The fallout however will continue to haunt both Moore and the Republican Leaders in Washington.

Mr. Moore’ so called Christian faith will be of very little help in that predicament. Every day he would stand on the floor, every day he would open his mouth, every day he would make his presence known will be a humiliating scene no one can bear, not even Jesus.

As of this writing, Roy Moore is mulling he is in a non-winning race. If only his wife could put her own ambition aside for just a second to look at the bigger picture, she would advise him to let his opponent win by default. She would advise him to walk away with the little dignity he has left. That is the best way out for Roy Moore. Of course he is defeated, his ego will be bruised for a New York minute but that will be the best thing which would happen to him in a longtime.

The ONLY way out for Mr. Moore is to either be defeated in the race tonight or to simply walk away before the first vote is counted. Failure to do so will cost him more than he bargain for, more than he can imagine, much more than he can bear and he will drag the Republican Party into the Trump swamp with him. That’s an outcome no decent Republican should want.

Ask Moore to walk away before it’s too late!

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