GOP Is Now Officially The Party of Sexual Predators

Not surprisingly, their “revered” leader Donald Trump has long embraced one of Adolf Hitler’s most sinister ideology: “It is not truth that matters, but victory” Hitler said frequently to his generals. Interestingly, in par with their “führer” most Republicans (Legislators and supporters alike) would rather wear pink glasses instead of accepting that the sky is not red. They would argue vehemently they’re nothing like Adolf Hitler and yet they behave and think every bit like him.

If you are a logical individual, there is one very important fact I know about you: you are not Republican. It’s that obvious! Because it’s near impossible to have a rational discussion with a Republican. To most, whatever they have in mind – however unfounded or illogical – makes sense; anyone who thinks or believes to the contrary is wrong.

In the GOP circle, there is no lack of proof that Republicans display full blown symptom of common sense deprivation and complete resistance to a rational mind. Any topic would do to demonstrate but let’s limit the conversation to Republicans’ favorite person, Donald Trump of course.

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