GOP Is Now Officially The Party of Sexual Predators

Republicans have grown comfortable defending, promoting, supporting and voting for pervert, indecent and immoral individuals. On November 2016, they voted to the highest office a known sexual predator, a crook, a liar and quite possibly a traitor as president of the nation. Just barely a year anniversary of electing Donald Trump, Republicans – the great people of the Conservative movement, the Bible loving, devoted Christians, Jesus’ followers – are now on track to elect a pedophile as Senator. They believe a pedophile Republican is better than any decent Democrat. As much as Republicans like the Christian label, the Devil blood runs deep in their veins.

The Republican Party Leaders have spooked the country for decades; the past two years, they have completely removed the disguise of patriotism and they now wear proudly their scary costumes of bigotry, racism, indifference and perversion. Side effect: their supporters have long suffered of delusion and become more susceptible to accepting distortions and lies as a new form of truth, immorality and perversion as acceptable lifestyles.

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