Alabama Is On Track to Elect Its First Pedophile Senator


The Governor stated publicly it’s okay for a pedophile to represent the state of Alabama
Several pastors agree that pedophiles make the best representatives for the state of Alabama
Most residents believe Alabama would be best served by a pedophile

Welcome to Alabama!

Located in the heart of the South, The State of Alabama has always been famous for harboring some of the most racist individuals of our society, surpassed only by Mississippi.

Racism is just the tip of the pernicious iceberg; recently, Alabama residents blew the cover off and revealed secrets (of perversion, indecency, immorality) which make people in the North cringe. Residents of Alabama speak in one voice to shore up support for their customs and their pride; they prefer and choose an alleged pedophile to represent the State of Alabama. As of November 28, 2017, Roy Moore the alleged pedophile accused by more than five women – most of whom were minor at the time – of various sexual assaults is leading in the polls by two percentage points over his opponent Doug Jones for the Senate seat.

How could that be? You might want to know. The answer is quite simple; the great people of Alabama – the Bible loving, devoted Christians, Jesus’ followers – believe a pedophile Republican is better than any decent Democrat.

Welcome to Alabama!

Don’t forget to bring your immorality and your perversion with you. You might need it. It’s Alabama, you never know.

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