The $1.5Trillion Dollar Tax Cut Deception – 2

This is not a made-up story; your Republican Representatives have acknowledged that much; they do not deny any of it but they want you to believe that those large corporations and wealthy individuals (by analogy your rich uncle) would be so touched by the gesture (for the gift of $1.1T they’d receive) that in turn would reciprocate in the form of creating more jobs.

Do Republican Legislators in Washington even believe that? Of course not. Most of them have been in Washington long enough to experience that giving money to the Rich (who are not in need) does not equate to giving to the working class (who are in dire need). Don’t believe me? You don’t have to. I provided in part one a historical chart (also pasted below) which shows and proves that to give a tax windfall to corporations and wealthy individuals do ABSOLUTELY nothing for the rest of the country. Take another look at the chart to see for yourself.

What would you add?

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