The $1.5Trillion Dollar Tax Cut Deception – 2

However, for sake of saving the nation from a disastrous tax cut that would i) increase the national debt ii) increase taxes on the middle class, the very group Republican Legislators claim the tax package is supposed to help, I provide below an analogy which might help to understand what the tax package is all about

The Analogy
Imagine for a minute you are FORCED (literally, by your dad perhaps) to take a loan, proceeds of which you MUST use to buy a gift for your WEALTHY uncle. The implication here is that your RICH uncle would appreciate the gesture, like your gift and in return would give you something (money, gift, etc.) of greater value than yours in which case you would be able to repay the loan and have money left over. It’s a great holiday season wish. That would be fantastic if it happens that way.

But your gift (to your uncle) would be just a gift, not a contract; your RICH uncle would not be under any obligation to reciprocate (give anything back of equal value or anything at all); in fact, odds are he would not. That’s how he manages to stay rich.

But regardless what your rich uncle would do, one thing is crystal clear and certain: you would borrow money which must be paid back with interest (penalties & fees if or when you miss a payment). That is in essence what the $1.5T dollars tax package is all about. The United States will borrow (yes, borrow as in go to someone, in this case China, the Saudis) $1.5T, 75% of which or $1.1T ($1,125,000,000,000) of the money will be distributed to LARGE corporations and WEALTHY individuals.

What would you add?

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