What Can You Possibly Be Thankful For?

I never realized how easy it was to write about Thanksgiving holiday until this year. As I sat down to write, I experienced a brain freeze for several days. Given the current state of the political climate in Washington: a president who demeans the Oval Office every day, a Republican Party indifferent towards its constituents and is the most selfish it’s ever been, what can I possibly be thankful for this year? I’m not one to be thankful just for being alive – I find the idea ridiculous; thousands (if not hundreds of thousands) of criminals, scumbags and undesirable elements of society are also alive – so, it is difficult to come up with something original.

To keep up with tradition however, I will say that I’m thankful that our planet hasn’t blown up in smoke or in pieces.  And I am very confident there are better days ahead; our kids, our grandkids will grow up to help effectuate change so desperately needed to make future Thanksgiving Holidays a moment to look forward to.

In the meantime, make the best of what you have today.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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