The $1.5Trillion Dollar Tax Cut Deception

To try to explain that the $1.5 trillion dollars tax cut Republican Legislators in Washington want to pass (the message they want the constituents to believe) is a mistake the country cannot afford; everyone (including Republicans) should oppose it. It’s not going to be easy. I shall try nevertheless; it’s too important; the impact is too far reaching and long lasting to shrug it off. Let me start with the obvious:

  1. $1.5 trillion dollars has a lot of digits: 1,500,000,000,000, enough zeros to make your head spin (i.e. it’s a lot of money).
  2. the promise that the tax package provides a HUGE tax cut is ACTUALLY true but it’s not for you if you’re not rich.

Now that we got those two factors out of the way, I will try to explain below in very simple terms what the tax package means for you, for your offspring, for the country.

What would you add?

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