The $1.5Trillion Dollar Tax Cut Deception

Need proof? At the start of Obama’s presidency, 58% of the Republican constituents believed that Obama was not born in the country. Despite having published a copy of his birth certificate, at the end of his presidency, over 23% still believed that’s the case. No matter how one tries to explain it, – In Obama case, most Democrats believe his skin color was THE main factor – it remains impossible to explain how a SOUND MINDED individual could actually believe, internalize even a falsehood as blatant as the claim about Obama’s birthplace. To try to understand the skewed minds of Republicans is one of the very few issues which present a great challenge to me. It goes without saying that to try to explain to the Republican constituents the tax cut their leaders are eager to pass would only benefit those who already have plenty will not be easy.

The $1.5T Tax Cut Deception is a two-part article explained in the simplest terms possible to help move forward the discussion on the proposed tax package, the pros & cons. Part one is discussed below.

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