The $1.5Trillion Dollar Tax Cut Deception

The greatest ignorance is the systematic refusal to learn and the blindfolded determination to reject the truth. That statement describes accurately the Republican Party in particular, its supporters in general. They would rather wear a pair of pink glasses instead of admitting that the sky is not red. Be it out of malice or ignorance, Donald Trump and the Republican Legislators in Washington are promoting a tax cut they claim would benefit the middle class despite all evidence to the contrary.

For the past decade, I have been trying to understand how the minds of people who belong to the Republican Party or profess to be Republican or leaning towards the Party work. It is baffling, vexing even. It’s an exercise I would have abandoned a while ago if their actions were to impact just the Republican Party and its disciples. As a group the Party leaders (Legislators, Broadcasters, Entertainers, Business leaders) would peddle a message (about something, anything) and the constituents would believe same regardless how blatantly false that message is.


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