GOP, A Big Tent Party

In the real world however, Donald Trump is everything we are taught not to be i) not to lie ii) not to defraud others iii) not to take what’s not ours iv) not to deceive v) not to ally with the enemy vi) not to be in company of crooks, thieves and liars. In the real world, Donald Trump is the worst which has happened to America, Fox in general Sean Hannity in particular is the worst that has happened to broadcasting. The pair works to destroy the moral fabric of our society. Sean Hannity gets paid to disseminate false information, Fox makes money promoting everything which contributes to destroy the nation, Donald Trump uses the presidency for personal gain.

Republican supporters, like sheep dragged to the slaughterhouse, are killed by the millions with distorted, skewed and false information. There are two groups of morons: the Stupid Morons and the Despicable Morons both of which have contributed to take the Republican Party into the abyss of ignorance.

What would you add?

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