Republican Complicity Of Gun Massacres in America

Why are there so many morons in a country which gave birth to so many writers, scientists and great presidents? But most importantly, why are there so many Republican morons in a country overcrowded with great Universities? Could Donald Trump have been right to decry during the campaign that those who support him are stupid? After all, he has never apologized to have said “I like stupid, non-educated people”, the very people who voted him in office. Is Donald Trump right? Are most Republicans stupid?

Before Secretary of State Rex Tillerson called Donald Trump by his most appropriate name, Moron, I had already made the case that millions of people who have lent their support, voted for and pledged their allegiance to Donald Trump are morons (you can read all about it in the article Reign of the Morons here).

But what I didn’t know and still struggle to figure out is whether a) it is an illness b) a state of mind c) an out of body experience d) a stage of ignorance e) or a totally new phenomenon.

For it is completely inconceivable, illogical even that millions of people continue to behave like morons even in the face of undeniable proof that their argument for electing Donald Trump in office is baseless at best, treasonous nevertheless. When is it ever okay to be a moron?


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