Republican Complicity Of Gun Massacres in America

On Sunday November 5 2017, once again another gun massacre at a church in the city of Sutherlands Spring, Texas claimed the lives of more than 25 people and sent over 20 to the hospital with various degree of gunshot wounds. That tragedy came just one month after the Las Vegas shooting on October 4, 2017 which claimed the lives of 60 people and sent 525 individuals to the hospital for various gunshot wounds. But the first words that came out of the Moron-In-Chief mouth were “gun is not the problem”. What is?

Another moron in Washington, the House Speaker Paul Ryan suggested that “prayer is the solution” How ironic! The victims were all inside a church praying. And yet another moron, Ken Paxton Texas Attorney General suggested that people go to church with their guns as a solution.


What is it about Republicans they behave like morons and speak like idiots? When is it ever okay to be a moron?


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