Severe Case Of Delusion in the Republican Party

It is well documented that the current occupant of the Oval Office Donald J Trump i) sexually harassed women ii) bullies everyone regularly iii) scammed many of their hard earned money iv) defrauded businesses that sold him products or rendered him services v) lies to everyone about everything. Those are undesirable traits in any individual but gleefully embraced, nurtured by Mr. Trump the 45th president of the United States and put on display every day in his life.

Those characteristics are not flattering for anyone, much less so the president of the United States. Most shocking however is the fact that 1) the Republican Party Leaders knew that before they picked him as the standard bearer of the Party 2) the Republican constituents knew all that, witnessed it, heard from those who experienced it and yet elected such a depraved individual to lead the country. That is scarier than any costume a witch could conjure up.

What would you add?

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