Severe Case Of Delusion in the Republican Party


The Republican Party Leaders have spooked the country for decades; the past two years, they have completely removed the disguise of patriotism and they now wear proudly their scary costumes of bigotry, racism and indifference. Side effect: their supporters have long suffered of delusion and become more susceptible to accepting distortions and lies – primary source: FOX – as a new form of truth.

Not surprisingly, their “revered” leader Donald Trump has long embraced one of Adolf Hitler’s most sinister ideology: “It is not truth that matters, but victory” Hitler said frequently to his generals. Interestingly, in par with their “führer” most Republicans (Legislators and supporters alike) would rather wear pink glasses instead of accepting that the sky is not red. They would all deny they’re anything like Adolf Hitler and yet they behave and think every bit like him.

That. is. very. spooky!

It seems most likely a case of mass delusion in the Republican Party.


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