Why Does Donald Trump Lie So Much?

Why does Donald Trump lie about everything? The most logical explanation is that “he can’t help it”; he just cannot. Donald Trump has spent a lifetime trying to elevate himself (his fortune is much smaller than he advertised; he is way less intelligent than he claims, it’s a long list), why in the world does he work so hard to diminish the importance of the presidency?

Consider that Heads of State strive to earn respect, admiration even from the people of their nations. Whatever actions such leaders take, whichever statements they make are towards improving the odds of leaving behind a “great” legacy. Leaders go to great length to project images of strength, determination and empathy in order to command the respect of their people.

Trump, on the other hand, does not just work against achieving such goal but he seems not to care a bit, quite a conundrum to solve. Conundrum it is but the explanation is as obvious as his lies: he just cannot help it.


5 thoughts on “Why Does Donald Trump Lie So Much?

  1. The answer is, Trump doesn’t “lie”. He exaggerates. Even if one considers his exaggerations to be lies, his policies for America excellent. Another argument in favor of “lies” is that all politicians lie, including BHO and Hillary. Why is Trump lying any different — especially if those “lies” hurt no one?


    • Because he statistically does it more; but, I get it; if we like someone we tend to see the best in them; I think we’re all guilty of that.


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