The Never Ending USESELESS Debate About GUNS in America

Once again, Republican Legislators in Washington have made it clear they don’t have a gun problem; if used by Whites, it’s perfectly okay. It’s the “damn” Blacks the country cannot tolerate with guns.

In the first press conference delivered by the White House press secretary following Las Vegas tragedy, Sara Huckabee-Sanders was quick to warn against any call for gun control “this is not the time to address gun control until we know all the facts” she said. Unfortunately, no one in the room asked the most obvious question: when is exactly the right time to address gun control? One fact is crystal clear however: guns (machine guns) were used to carry out the massacre.

Sean Hannity calls any discussion of gun control in light of the Las Vegas tragedy shameful. Would he have felt the same way if he or a loved one was a victim of that tragedy?


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