The Never Ending USESELESS Debate About GUNS in America

If you were a victim, related to a victim or simply sympathize with the victims of the Las Vegas mass shooting which occurred last Sunday, let me say bluntly: the words of sympathy, the wishes of speedy recovery, the use of the scriptures by this President (and all before him) mean absolutely nothing. Those words serve no purpose other than to shield the President from doing what’s needed to prevent another such tragedy. Could it be because all the mass murderers are White?

Every single mass shooting (100%) which occurred in the country was carried out by a White man. Never mind that police officers who have executed UNARMED black men on the streets did so because “they were afraid for their lives”! I’m sure I’m missing something here. Black men are casted in American society as villains, monsters even and yet all mass murders are perpetrated by White men. What am I missing?


What would you add?

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