The Never Ending USESELESS Debate About GUNS in America

Republican Legislators in Washington have made it clear over and over again that the wellbeing and the security of the public are not their priority. National Rifle Association (NRA) business is their priority. NRA provides campaign financing for their re-election; your Republican Representatives vow to protect NRA at all cost, even at the cost of your lives and those of your loved ones. Why anyone would continue to support someone who couldn’t care less about his interest is beyond any rational mind. That’s not all. The grim tragedy in Las Vegas didn’t end at the casualties, it extends beyond physical damages.

Another mass shooting brings race relations back in the spotlight.

It was not surprising that the mass shooting which occurred in Las Vegas on Sunday, October 1, 2017 was carried out by another White man. As of this writing, that particular tragedy has already claimed the lives of 60 people and sent more than 500 to the hospital, some of whom are still in critical conditions.

STOP the Blacks! Stop the Muslims! Let the Whites ring death across America! That’s the NRA wish, that’s the Republicans’ agenda.


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