The Road The Republicans Built Lead to Nowhere

As it is customary here in the United States, – from the time Whites took everything from Blacks and deprived them even of their freedom to the 21st century – Whites have always casted Blacks as the villains to fear, the depraved to shun, the monsters to avoid and kill. As such, even beyond emancipation, Blacks have not only struggled to become productive elements of society but they also have to fight off bias, prejudice and are required to jump the wall of discrimination, the obstacles purposely set on their path by White society.

What’s infuriating is the fact that the President of the United States is not just not doing anything to remedy the problem confronted by Blacks, he is instead the largest contributor towards exacerbating the problem. Mr. Trump has given legitimacy to bias, prejudice and discrimination. Donald Trump is the face of everything which is wrong in race relation in America. One cannot expect a solution from someone who can hardly think rationally let alone craft a solution.

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