The Road The Republicans Built Lead to Nowhere

It is rather ironic that Donald Trump spent a great deal of time defending the White Supremacists for their march in Charlottesville,VA a few weeks ago but rail against Blacks for protesting discrimination, prejudice, injustice and police brutality. It is ironic not surprising; Donald Trump is unequivocally racist. He has consistently expressed disgust towards Blacks in general; he calls them lazy and makes regular derogatory comments about the Black race in general. A former employee of his Casino business in Las Vegas counted the story of all Blacks whisked to the back (of the room) whenever Donald Trump visited the Casino.

Although his administration – and those who support him including publications (such as Wall Street Journal which used to be relevant in social discourse) – tried to change the topic of Blacks’ abuse by law enforcement into respect for the flag, the protest has always been about bringing attention to the way Blacks are treated by law enforcement on the streets and the criminal justice system.

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