To Serve And Protect Is Meaningless in United States – 5

Either deliberately or in silent consensus, Whites became divided in three distinct groups

  • The first group has no qualm killing blacks or encourage their killing. They do it systematically, deliberately and expect to walk away free of charge from any accusation of murder. If all else fails – too much evidence against the accused – the jury (comprised of Whites only) would exonerate the perpetrator
  • The second group shows indifference towards the plight of the Blacks. This group doesn’t care one way or another. The Whites in this group are not directly affected by what happens to Blacks. It is this group which gives legitimacy to the first group with its silence, its indifference and occasionally its support.
  • The third group – unfortunately a less influent one – would want the status quo to change. The Whites in this group fought alongside Blacks during the civil war; they advocated for their integration, their rights. At times, they were threatened by Whites in the first group, scorned or ridiculed by those in the second group. The Whites in the third group have been helping beyond the emancipation. Unfortunately, quite a few were cut off from most of the privileges the other two groups have enjoyed. As such, the criminal justice system – judges, attorneys, police officers – has helped to perpetuate a Justice System which is everything but JUST.

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