To Serve And Protect Is Meaningless in United States – 5

Police officers’ behavior didn’t just emerge; it was a systematic approach to shield the White Society from the newly freed Negros and to preserve the status quo that Whites are still in control. An approach and belief which gave rise to a callous society.

The American society gives very little value to human lives; it started during slavery. Beyond emancipation, Whites continued to kill Blacks without any repercussion for their actions. When it became harder or impossible for regular White citizens to get away with those types of murder, they collaboratively figured a way to continue the decimation of Blacks. Some enrolled as law enforcement officers and found out how easy it has become to kill a black individual and lie about the circumstances under which it had happened. And even when it was impossible to lie about the murder they committed, a jury of their peers (100% White) would exonerate them.

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