To Serve And Protect Is Meaningless in United States – 5

Where are the good cops whose primary job is to serve and protect? Where exactly are they? If you choose to believe the criminal-with-a-badge in the tragedy above, so what she had a knife? Look at the size of the woman! Look at the size of the police officer! Those criminals-with-badges give no value to human lives; that’s why they don’t hesitate a second to murder anyone they bark order to who does not comply fast enough.

Do you suppose he could have satisfied his itch to shoot by firing at her feet? Of course not; he had to kill her because society, the American society condones killing by police officers and shields them from punishment.

To serve and protect is gibberish in America in general, in blacks’ communities in particular; they are regularly harassed by police officers, antagonized, brutalized, framed, civil rights violated, arrested on bogus charges or killed. Where exactly are those whose job is “to serve and protect”?

What would you add?

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