The Real Swamp Master – Part two


In the swamp, the Swamp Master feels right at home; it’s his habitat, why in the world would he destroy it? It’s not the presidency which has made Donald Trump the Swamp Master or turned him into one. Mr. Trump was born that way. He learned at a very early age from his father Fred Trump (originally Drumpf, no kidding) that in the swamp, the Swamp Master cannot afford to be loyal to anyone but should request loyalty from everyone; the Swamp Master does not pledge allegiance to anyone but should require allegiance from everyone; the Swamp Master friendship should be reserved to a selected few and family members only. In the swamp, as Fred Trump adamantly put it, “it’s every creature for himself”. One rule applies if the Swamp Master ought to survive: the swamp must always be in a state of chaos for the Swamp Master to be relevant. So, instead of being taught the virtues and the characteristics of a true leader, Mr. Trump’s father Fred taught him “the art of the Swamp”. To Fred’s credit, Donald Trump has done quite well in the swamp; as for the rest of us, there should be no surprise that the word leadership is foreign to Donald Trump.

Besides a complete lack of leadership ability, Mr. Trump has no humility; – how could he? That’s not a characteristic of a Swamp Master –  but worst he has no transferable skills to govern if we all agree that to tweet obsessively is not a skill. Although hilarious at times, his schizophrenic tweet habit is the manifestation of much bigger underlying issues:


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