Meet Donald J Trump The Real Swamp Master


Donald Trump the Swamp Master

The Swamp Master feels right at home, in the swamp! Why would he destroy his habitat?

During the presidential race, Donald Trump had the crowd at his rallies chanting “Drain the swamp”, a reference to the idea of removing lobbyists, special interest groups from Washington and filling government positions with individuals who can and will attend to The People’s business. Even if one didn’t support Donald Trump due to his insulting and disgusting behavior, the idea of shutting lobbyists out of Washington would be much welcome. Lobbyists are ruining the country.

Once elected however, Donald Trump has become the Swamp Master; he left no ambiguity about his intention to “fill the swamp” to the rim with not just lobbyists but also with all sorts of creatures who don’t even wait nightfall to crawl around.

Donald Trump opened the swamp for business by appointing and nominating individuals with records so shady,- just like himself – they make Jeffrey Skilling look like a Saint.


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