Anomaly Of A Democracy

And something unexpected happened; former FBI Director James Comey violated the rule of meddling in elections; just ten days before the election, he announced to have found more emails related to the Hillary Email’ investigation. Just hours following that announcement, Hillary’s lead over her opponent dissipated; the next day, most polls showed that Donald Trump was leading Hillary by at least two points. By the third day, it was already obvious that Donald Trump will win the presidency. Although on the fourth day Mr. Comey announced those new found emails were simply duplicates of previous emails and would thus not change any previous conclusion of the investigation, the harm was irreversible. The anomaly of democracy was sealed.

Mr. Trump was boxed in and beat at his own game; he won the presidency. No one in the world could believe such travesty could happen but it did; not even the Trump’s team believed something so outrageous could ever happen to America. When it started to become obvious that Mr. Trump would win the electoral college votes, his camp was scrambling to write a victory speech; there was none, because, as I mentioned over and over again, Trump didn’t expect (and didn’t want) to win the presidency. He just wanted to prove to himself and to others how far he could get. He was beat at his own game. History was made once again in America. Democracy had failed. Donald Trump will be the 45th president of the United States.

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