Anomaly Of A Democracy

I always suspected that Donald Trump never intended to become president of the United States. During the presidential race, Mr. Trump made a series of “calculated mistakes” in the hope of derailing his own campaign.

He even began his candidacy with a series of rants and insulting statements geared at turning prospective supporters – from different demographics – against his campaign. Unfortunately, lurking under the surface are millions of people across the country who could identify with his idiocy, his ignorance, his bigotry, his misogynistic behavior and his foul mouth. Those individuals initially trickled in to support him; within a couple of months of putting in display his disgusting behavior, throngs of deplorables joined to offer their unwavering support to a man with zero knowledge about governing, a track record of defrauding people, a streak of lies, deceptions and shady business transactions and an unbroken pattern of business failures.

What would you add?

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