Anomaly Of A Democracy

Donald Trump Is An Anomaly of the American Democracy. Not even God could foresee such disaster would happen to America so soon. Since Pat Robertson of the 700 Club compared Obama to Lucifer – he should know what the devil looks like; he looks in the mirror every day – God has been so busy trying to figure out what the hell Pat meant he never had time to spare the United States of the impending disaster which loomed at the ballot box last November. We have Pat to thank (or curse) for keeping God so busy.

Mr. Trump entered the presidential race to prove to himself that he could, and to prove to others how far he would get; but he never intended to go all the way to the White House. Even when the prospect that Hillary would easily win in November emerged, – that was before former FBI Director James Comey revealed 10 days before the election of more emails regarding the Hillary Emailgate debacle – she was leading in the polls by double digit, Mr. Trump didn’t seem to care much. In fact, in an interview just before James Comey’s bombshell, Mr. Trump already outlined his plan to continue building his real estate business; he even suggested he would spend more time at his newly built Trump hotel near the White House.


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