The Republican Party Is A Haven for Racists

That is of course no surprise to me; most Republicans tune in regularly to Fox Opinion – referred to by most as Fox News – where racism and bigotry are always on the menu. In June 2015, in the article titled “Fox & Racism Could Be Roommates” – you can read it here – I detailed how Fox has been “waging a war” against anything blacks’ related. For the eight years Obama spent in the Oval Office, there was not a single program, a single host which has had any positive program about Obama. Imagine that for a moment!

For eight years, Fox’s audience had just one viewpoint: everything Obama did was bad for the country. Imagine that! That was not partisan politics. Fox had contributed greatly to the rise of the White Supremacists; as far as the rest of the Republican Party, they harbor racism and prejudice and practice discrimination regularly.

What would you add?

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