The Republican Party Is A Haven for Racists

It’s well documented that Donald Trump is a racist, a big foulmouthed bigot; so, there was no surprise as far as his position on the march by the White Supremacists across the country. What might come as a surprise to people who do not belong in the Republican Party is that 80% of the Republican constituents have publicly expressed their support for the White Supremacists in the form of defense against the anti-protests.

No matter how much those Republicans might want to spin their defense for the Neo Nazis and the KKK, one thing is crystal clear: no one comes to someone’s defense unless you agree with that individual’s position and viewpoint, etc. For instance, you will not defend a rapist or a pedophile unless you share his views. No one rushes to defend a White Supremacist unless you share his views and his ideology. No need to explain further. I get it.

What would you add?

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