The Republican Party Is A Haven for Racists

Another example which has always made the headlines in most presidential races is the problem of drugs in America. For the longest, Republicans have “waged the war on drugs”; countless man hours and hundreds of millions of dollars are spent in a) placing more cops on the streets b) building more jails c) shooting and killing more drug’ users until recently when studies show there is an opioid epidemic in the country; translation: more Whites are hooked on drugs than Blacks.

The immediate reaction of the Legislators is to allocate more resources to “combat” (not wage war) the epidemic. The drug problem is now treated as a disease; the Whites are not accused of being thugs; they are individuals who are sick, who need help. But Republicans are not racist, trust them!

However, most Republicans would argue they do not discriminate; in fact, they have always argued that Blacks exaggerate the level of prejudice in the country. The most recent tragedies in Charlottesville, VA helped to accentuate the level of racism and the prejudice in the Republican Party. Approximately 80% of the Republicans surveyed agreed with Donald Trump’ position in the matter of White Supremacists’ protests, the gist of which is that the president condemned both sides for the tragedies which occurred.

What would you add?

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