The Republican Party Is A Haven for Racists

Yes, most Republicans (emphasis on MOST) are racist and harbor deep feeling of prejudice towards Blacks in general. Of course, most Republicans – except for the White Supremacists perhaps – would deny it. However, there is no lack of examples to support the argument. Republicans’ racist tendency is reflected in most everything they do. Even the Republican Legislators – at the State level and in Washington – passed legislations which have overwhelmingly targeted minority. For instance, GOP Legislators have always riled up against the government assistance program (aka welfare assistance) which main purpose is to help those who struggle financially. – Did you know that Mitt Romney’s father was on welfare before he could bounce back to become a tycoon? – Their primary instinct has always been to eliminate the program altogether until a few years ago when statistics began to show that more Whites are on welfare than Blacks. Now the topic of welfare is discussed and handled with kids’ gloves. But Republicans are not racist, trust them!

What would you add?

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