Hatred Is NOT A Right

The GOP is a haven for racists.

Most Republicans (supporters and Legislators alike) are racist, prejudiced and/or discriminate against minority in general, blacks in particular (upcoming article elaborates and provides irrefutable proofs). So, it did not surprise me a bit that the President of the United States declared that some White Supremacists and KKK members are “very fine people”; much less surprising was it that most Republican supporters question whether both the protesters and the anti-protesters share the blame for the tragedies which occurred on Saturday, August 12 2017 in Charlottesville, the gist of which is: a white supremacist, James Alex Fields, rammed a car into a crowd of anti-protesters killing one person (32-year old Heather Heyer.) and injuring 19 others.

Are both sides to blame for the tragedies?

It’s easy to make the conclusion premised in the question but if one puts aside personal and/or political ideology and wears a hat of logic, it becomes crystal clear that the tragedies of Charlottesville (and/or other cities) began the day the White Supremacists, the Neo-Nazis, the KKK put forth the idea to march and protest.

If one sleeps with dogs, no one needs to know that; besides, why would anyone want to advertise she might have fleas? Keep your hatred to yourself!

Hatred is not a right!

It is a contagious disease which must be contained; any sign of the disease sipping through the host must be taken seriously and the area must be quarantined. So, what you referred to as “the leftist hate groups” who intervened in Charlottesville is a system of containment necessary to prevent the “deadly and contagious disease of hatred ” from spreading across America.

It’s understandable that you might feel robbed of the opportunity to contaminate others but understand this: no tumor is ever considered good, even if it’s benign. Hatred is a cancer. Left untreated, the tumor will become malignant, will spread and kill the host and everyone nearby.

Since the Demagogue in the Oval Office is already infected, it is our duty as Americans to protect the Republic from suffering a humiliating quarantine (by the rest of the world).

Hatred is not a fad! It is the most devastating disease for which no cure exists.

Anyone who offers an argument defending the White Supremacists, the Neo-Nazis and/or the Ku Klux Klan (KKK) or their actions displays a sure sign of being infected. Treatment must be applied. The disease must be eradicated. The infected individual must be quarantined.

John Fitzgerald Kennedy said of those who seek to sow division, “If we cannot now end our differences, at least we can help make the world safe for diversity.” The White Nationalists’ protests seek to do the opposite of making the world safe for diversity. They must be marginalized.

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