The Commander In Tweet – Unhinged

Mr. trump basks in the ignorance and the desperation of his crowd and encourages the bigots and the racists which make up 15% to 20% of his hardcore fans. His obsession with using Twitter is both an anomaly and a sign of disrespect of the presidency. While at first glance it seems harmless for the president to make use of Twitter to communicate directly with his supporters, a deeper look into tweets related to governing (such as “banning transgender in the military” or “threatening to end healthcare subsidy” or “antagonizing a foreign government”) exposes the disrespect Mr. Trump shows for the presidency. How so?

A search into Trump’s tweets dated as far back as a decade reveals that Trump never attempted, not even once, to discuss matters related to his real estate business via tweets. Without leaving you dangling trying to figure it all out, it simply means that Donald Trump considers his business much too important to discuss over tweets and yet has no qualm exposing government matters for discussion on Twitter. It doesn’t take a genius to figure that much out.

What would you add?

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