To Serve and Protect Is Meaningless in United States – 2

iii.- Prosecution of Constable for Wrongdoing
It should be established that whenever a police officer shoots an UNARMED individual, shoots at a moving vehicle or an individual running away from the officer, the constable will be prosecuted whether the shooting is fatal or not. There should be zero tolerance for any police officer to use a firearm under the aforementioned scenarios.

iv.- Prosecution of Partner
Under most circumstances, the constable’s partner should be liable, responsible and accountable for the shooting unless the partner a) is able to provide evidence (non-ambiguous statements, video, pictures, eye witnesses) s/he tried to prevent the situation from being escalated b) is not involved in cover-up c) did not provide misleading statements d) and followed procedures not to tamper with the crime scene

v.- Weapon Removal
Once a police officer has been involved in shooting in scenarios which do not warrant the use of firearms (such as UNARMED individuals, individuals walking away from officer, etc.), s/he should not be allowed to carry a weapon – including his personal – when in duty, even if s/he is placed back on the streets.

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