To Serve and Protect Is Meaningless in United States – 2

ii.- Retraining
It is widely acknowledged that the amount and quality of training a new police officer receives are very far from being adequate. Here in the United States, a new recruit undergoes approximately 20 weeks of training, comprised almost exclusively of exercises involving firearms.

By contrast, in UK, a new recruit undergoes 104 weeks of training which includes how to identify mental issues, how to de-escalate situations, how to interact with civilians. Unless a cop belongs to a special unit – which would require additional training – s/he doesn’t carry firearms in UK. And even those who do, are not allowed to carry the weapon all the time. Despite such long period of training, the new constable is paired with a senior officer and will go through evaluation every other month.

It is evident that the constable in UK is better prepared to interact appropriately and most effectively with civilians than its US counterpart.

The police force in US should overhaul its training program to better prepare those new constables for challenges on the streets. Lack of training and preparation are most likely factors which cause police officers to be jittery, inflicting frequent fatalities into the civilian communities they are supposed to protect.

Their training should involve learning how to interact with civilians, how to recognize mental disability and drug problems, how to de-escalate situation and most importantly how to talk to civilians.

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