The Savior You Need – 4

As of date, of the 22 million people who are insured under Obamacare, slightly more than half are Republican constituents according to data released by HHS (available on A survey taken shortly before Congress voted on May 4, 2017 to repeal Obamacare revealed that most insured under Obamacare are pleased with their coverage. That doesn’t mean Obamacare is perfect or even great but it’s a start; it’s a foundation Legislators in Washington can build upon. Suffice to take a stroll in the corridors of health insurance before Obamacare:

  • beyond 18 (21 if one was in college), children were not covered under their parents’ health insurance; they either had to get their own or stay uninsured. According to stats, most (80%) were uninsured. Under Obamacare, children are covered up to 26 years of age irrespective of education status
  • individuals with pre-existing conditions were either denied coverage or charged an exorbitant premium (if they’re able to afford it) with a cap on maximum amount the insurance company will disburse. Under Obamacare, everyone, regardless of their health conditions, is insured; no longer can insurance companies deny, charge exorbitant premiums or put a cap on maximum amount of insurance payout.

What would you add?

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