Disloyalty And The Price Of Ignorance – 2

It was no longer possible for him to fold his campaign; so, he went along with Russia’s proposition, all the while praying that Hillary would be his last hope to exit a predicament he created. At times, it was obvious he would get his wish but the Kremlin wouldn’t hear of it; Mr. Putin had a two-track plan a) the preferred track was to get Donald Trump elected b) the backup plan was to destroy Hillary’s reputation as to render her ineffective should she become president. Irrespective of the plan that would work, Donald Trump didn’t make his love for Russia a secret. He invited Russia to meddle in US affairs; he defended Russia against negative comments; he even compared US Govt. methods to Russia’s.

It was during the general election campaign that backchannel communications between Trump’s camp and Putin intensified. The coordination was blatantly obvious. Statements made by the Trump’s campaign in regards to upcoming damaging information about Hillary were synchronized with the release of such information by Wikileaks, which we now know obtained such information from Russia. There is irrefutable evidence that close Trump’s confidant (Roger Stone) made remarks which match the timing release of Wikileaks’ info.

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