The Savior You Need – 2

So, after weeks in hiding, Mitch McConnell, Kentucky US Senator unveiled a proposal as a replacement to Obamacare which is:

  1. a plan which strips coverage away from those who actually need it; according to the latest CBO report, 15 million will lose coverage in the first year alone if the bill is approved in the Senate, and 22 million more in the next decade
  2. a plan which shifts any money saved from (1) above to providing a tax cut (literally) to the people at the top income bracket in the country.

I’m not sure the rationale here but anyone capable of thinking should not find it difficult to see through the indifference of the Republican Legislators in general, Mitch McConnell in particular. Why in the world would someone propose to cut the health benefits from those who actually need it and pass the saving to wealthy people who already have more than they need? It should be obvious by now that your interests, your wellbeing are not priority for your Republican Senators.


What would you add?

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