The Savior You Need – 2

In 2007 (before Obama’s presidency), there were 36 million Medicare and Medicaid (combined) recipients in the country, 22 million (61%) of which were Republicans; in 2015 (a year before the end of Obama’s presidency), the number of Medicare & Medicaid recipients jumped to 44 million (nationwide), 27 million (60%) of which are Republicans.

Nine million (9 million) more individuals are covered under Obamacare, five million (5 million) of which are Republicans. As it should be obvious, Obamacare has benefitted more Republicans than Democrats. But GOP Legislators in Washington couldn’t stand the idea that after two centuries of fighting between the two major political Parties, Obama managed to pass a comprehensive policy which puts the country on a path to Universal Healthcare. During Obama’s presidency, Republicans voted more than 50 times to repeal the affordable care act. Now with both the Executive and the Legislative Branches in the hands of the Republicans, GOP Legislators want to seize the opportunity to get rid of Obamacare regardless the human cost.


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