Disloyalty And The Price Of Ignorance – 1A

So, yes, most Republicans are disloyal to the United States but they weren’t the only ones who got us here. According to most surveys taken after the November 2016 election, just a third of Bernie Sanders’ supporters voted for Hillary, seven percent voted for Trump and the rest sat out the election. The rationale provided by those who didn’t bother to vote – most were identified as Independents – displayed a certain level of ignorance. Most believed Trump would be bad for the country but didn’t want to vote for Hillary because she was not trustworthy. Ironic isn’t it? I couldn’t wrap my mind around such rationale; what did those “Independents” think would happen without their votes? Did they expect that a president who is bad for the country would not affect them? Did they expect Hillary to win without their votes and have the satisfaction NOT to have voted for her? Or did they resign themselves to whatever?

What would you add?

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