Disloyalty And The Price Of Ignorance – 1A

How did we get here?

Disloyalty to America by most Republicans get us here. Although this crisis might come to most as a surprise, I had warned the nation for several months preceding the election. On May 30, 2016 I wrote the article entitled A Case Against Donald Trump for President in which I urged Republicans to side with the country instead of their Party; I appealed to their sense of patriotism “Patriotism is not just a word to toss around; it’s not a cover to hide under. Patriotism requires making incredibly difficult choices, taking unconventional positions for the sake of the country, for the sake of future generations, for the sake of the world.” They all rejected my plea. Most Republicans proved that their loyalty does not align with the United States of America; their leaders knew and “have unanimously declared publicly that Donald Trump is incompetent and unfit to become president” and yet they overwhelmingly supported and voted for him.

What would you add?

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