Disloyalty And The Price Of Ignorance – 1A

No matter how much one spins this, it boils down simply to the fact it didn’t matter to most Republicans that a foreign entity was meddling in our election, thus jeopardizing our democracy.

So, when the question is asked: how did we get here?

The answer is really very simple: most Republicans are not patriotic (of course they claim they are; some might even believe they are); they are overwhelmingly disloyal to the United States which could help explain their steadfast and unwavering support for Mr. Trump in the face of blatant idiocy, unhinged ignorance, complete disregard for the Judiciary Branch of government and possible collusion with a foreign adversary (Vladimir Putin) whose agenda is to disrupt the United States election process and expose the vulnerability of its democracy.

Those same Republicans have not changed an iota; they are the same ones who have been calling for an end to the investigation of the Russia interference in our election, they are the same ones who cannot get through their heads that to protect our Constitution and to preserve our democracy are more important than to support an individual or even a political Party.

What would you add?

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