Disloyalty And The Price Of Ignorance – 1A

How did we get here?

The answer is very simple; if you’ve been reading my publications, you already know that most Republicans are disloyal to the United States. Gibberish you might say or think. In previous articles I discussed that statement in details. To be an American citizen doesn’t translate to being loyal to America; patriotism is not just a word to repeat because it sounds good or makes one feel loyal. Patriotism requires sacrifice that most Republicans have proven over and over and over they’re either unwilling or unable to make.

Case in point, in September 2016 (in the midst of the presidential campaigns for the general election), when Julian Assange threatened to release hacked Hillary’s emails – an act we now know was perpetrated by the Russian government – everyone who supported Donald Trump, including many in the GOP leaning media, gave thumbs of approval for the release. Put differently, Republicans simply do not care about loyalty to the United States. By contrast, Obama who was aware of Russia’s meddling avoided to discuss the issue publicly to prevent interference with the election.

Think about the contrast for a moment; the whole Republican Party didn’t care that a foreign entity was meddling (interfered) in the election but then president of the United States, Obama, did everything to avoid interfering in the election. If you supported Julian Assange’s action then, you are by definition a traitor (read details here). Two weeks prior, on August 31, 2016, several months before the November election, I wrote an article S.O.S. – US Democracy Is in Jeopardy within which I urged all American patriots to reject Julian Assange’s interference in our election. ALL (every single one of) Trump’ supporters including members in the GOP leaning media voiced encouragement and support for Assange to interfere in our election.

What would you add?

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